It's Christmas time and we wanted to make cookies. Some sweet sweet traditional german Christmas cookies would be nice but my little boy is among other things super allergic to milk (and because she is breastfeeding, also my wife).

Traditionally where im from one would make Vanillekipferl. It's a sweet vanilla-butter-cookie in the shape of a horse shoe, especially common in the alpine region.

Tasty but there is that butter problem. Because the ingredients look something like this:

quantities ingredients
500 g flour
420 g butter
200 g almonds, ground
160 g sugar
4 pgk. vanilla sugar
2 pgk. powdered sugar for the topping
4 pgk. vanilla sugar for the topping


So we decided to replace butter with coconut oil. And almonds with shredded coconut because we are ill prepared and that's what we had in the house

I was prepared for some mediocre crap but oh boy was I wrong! Surprisingly coconut oil seems to be a great substitute for butter. As a matter of fact they were so good that I had to write down a recipie so we could repeat them. Here is what you need:

quantities ingredients
500 g flour
200 g almond milk (we used vanilla flavor)
260 g coconut oil
200 g shredded coconut
160 g sugar
2 tbsp vanilla extract
400? g powdered sugar for the topping (I didn't measure this lol)

Mix all ingredients well. The dough should have the consistancy of a piece of solid butter.

mixed dough ready for the next step
I use a kitchen machine because i'm a lazy bastard.

Then place it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, covered in tin foil or put it in a zip lock bag.

In the meantime you can start sifting the powdered sugar into a large, preferably sealable container. Being able to close it helps mixing the cookies with the sugar.

Form the dough into rolls with an approximate diameter of 4 cm. Then cut into slices about 1 - 2 cm thick. Form the crescents from these slices and place them with generous  spacing on a tray with baking paper.

I'm serious don't put them too close too each other, these mf get real chunky! Bake in a oven at 175-200 °C (Thats about 400° Freedomheit for my american friends) for about 10-15 minutes.

Moon shaped cookies in the oven
chooonky little moons

When the little crescent moons start to tan, they are good to go and you can take them out.

Now let these bad boys cool for about a minute, not too long! If they are still too hot, they will break. If they are too cold, the  sugar will not stick properly.

Then place them in the container with the powdered sugar and turn them over on all sides. You can also close the container and gently shake it to get them all covered in snow.

Pro tip: Don't bake too many at a time, best is one tray only. Otherwise they will cool too much and you will have some sad, way too healthy sugarless cookies.

When stored in a dry environment, Kipferls should be good to eat for about 6 weeks.