image/svg+xml FEATURES UPGRADE CLIENTS Many languages A In over 25 languages available Server at TUD, HTTPS end-to-end cipher (E2EE), Cross-Signing High security Log in with your ZIH- Login quite straightforward insert and go No registration + + Matrix is in the browser, as Program or mobile as App accessible Device diversity Decentral Server location: TU Dresden connectivity: worldwide Data, Support, Updates u.v.m. is provided by TUD regulated Maintenance and Updates + + External integration (integrations), e.g. Video Telephony Various options Real-time communication Discuss your projects anytime with your team group-chats with under-differentmany members rooms Private 1:1- Communication with single users people Various Settingpossibilities to user, Security, Notificationsn, Anrufen etc. Settings Search for People and filesas well as keywords in news and rooms search Collection or Filtering important/ often used rooms to structure and better clarity Overview favorites The TUD Web Service in Browser Linux Mac OS Windows group chats with different manymembers rooms Private 1:1- Communicate with individual users people Exchange of News, images,linksetc. possible chat area Name of the roomor of person for 1:1-Communication, ggf. inkl. Profile picture thread / chat title space members,media, Notifications space settings collection or filtering important spaces to Structuring Communities Here different settings (Notifications, security, etc.) around the User account including a profile picture can be set user menu Filter all chats by certain keywordsexploring public spaces through Input option of a Search term filter/compass Collection or Filtering important / often used spaces to Structuring and better overview favorites